Born in 2020 in Monte Carlo,FILUX PACK is specialized in the distribution of eco-sustainable food packaging, inspired by its proposals to the requests of customers and the new habits of consumers.
Our disposable tableware is strictly eco-friendly and respects the environment. They are produced using certified raw materials suitable for contact with food, completely environmentally friendly, renewable and with a reduced or no environmental impact
Cardboard coupled with Biopolymer film
used in paper cup, ice cream cups and in all containers for Food Delivery and Take Away

IPure cellulose cardboard is hot coupled with a biopolymer film (PLA, Polylactic Acid) and is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

The inner film is made of new generation bioplastic obtained from the processing of natural raw materials based on corn starch.

PLA Polylactic acid

used in paper cup, containers and cutlery

IPLA, or polylactic acid produced from 100% renewable resources with zero environmental impact. It is a biopolymer derived from corn starch. PLA bioplastic is completely biodegradable and compostable according to

EN 13432.

Cellulose pulp

used in dishes, trays and containers

The dishes produced with cellulose pulp are heat resistant, they can be used for a short time even in traditional ovens and microwaves.

In a digital and increasingly visual world, customizing packaging can help companies emerge and differentiate themselves.

We choose eco-sustainable materials, designs and colors among the best available on the market to provide high quality solutions for any customization need.

You can have your logo printed on plates, glasses, containers and on all the packaging you need.
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We develop for organized catering activities personalized packaging projects that give value to the brand, making the food they serve not only good but also cool.

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